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What is the move-in condition form?

  • Within 48 hours from the date you move into your home, you are required to turn in the "Move-In Inventory & Condition Form" & photos you wish to submit or damages will be deemed minimal or non-existent. This PROTECTS YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT against "pre-existing" damages! All repair requests are to be submitted in writing separately through our website, fax or mail. "Emergency" repairs can be called into our office but then the issue must be submitted in writing from the tenant portal on our website. Tenant Portal Log-in

Who is responsible for property insurance?

  • The owner and the home owner's association (if applicable) will provide insurance on the real property. You must get renters insurance and understand that the homeowners insurance does not cover your personal items. All locks are re-keyed between each tenant. Contact your property manager if your doors do not have proper locking devices according to property code and provide a key to your property manager if you chose to change locks at your own expense. We must have a key for access at all times.

When is the rent considered late?

  • Rent is late if not paid by midnight on the 1st day of the month and late charges begin if landlord does not physically receive the payment by 11:59 pm of the 3rd day of the month. We have a video monitored drop slot for your convenience and if you are paying rent late include the late charges with certified funds or you will fall under the "non-rent items" deductions. Pay NSF checks with certified funds. Pay Rent-Tenant Portal

How do I report a maintenance issue?

  • Do Not Call your Showing Agent concerning repairs or maintenance. The landlord does not have to make repairs unless otherwise agreed and noted in special provisions paragraph 26, unless the repair affects the physical health and safety of an ordinary person. All repairs must be in writing and rent must be current before the repair will be made. Non-Realty Items, trash compactors, or ice makers, it may not be in working condition and will not be warrantied as a repairable item. You will be charged for any unnecessary trip charges or repair charges as a result of your neglect or abuse. If not paid this will be deducted from your deposit. Your move-in condition report is not a maintenance request. Please submit separately. Link to Online Maintenance Request Form.

How long should I wait to hear back from someone regarding a maintenance problem?

  • In a non-emergency situation, please allow 3 days. If you have not heard from our office or our vendor in 3 days, please contact the property manager directly.

What do I do if I have an emergency?

  • If this is an after-hours emergency, please call our 24 hour emergency voicemail at 972-331-8902. Leave a message and your call will be returned promptly. (Examples of emergencies are active water leaking, flooding, sparks from appliances, fire, gas odors etc.)
    **For FIRE, GAS or Natural Disasters, call 911 First!**

Do I need approval to paint or change something in the home I am renting?

  • Any and all changes or modifications to the property must be requested in writing to your property manager for approval. All condominium units have at least one cable outlet. Cable and/or telephone outlets in rent houses may or may not exist. Should there be any existing cable and/or telephone outlets there is no guarantee that they are functioning properly. This is the tenant's responsibility. Additional telephone and/or cable outlets for houses can be arranged for installation through the appropriate cable and/or telephone company servicing your area. All cable service costs are the resident's responsibility for all properties. Should you wish to have a satellite dish installed you will need to get prior written authorization before proceeding.

What Safety Measures should I follow per the lease?

  • Check your smoke alarms once a month and report any malfunction to the office (resident is responsible for the replacement of batteries).
  • Replace your AC/heater filter at least every month.
  • Follow "cold weather" procedures to prevent pipes from freezing during winter months.
  • Read and comply with the Homeowner's Association Rules & Regulations concerning patios, balconies, and parking if your unit is a condominium or town home. Residents are subject to fines for violations of these rules. Boats, RVs, and trailers are not allowed on most condominium properties. Request a website link to the HOA Rules & Regs.
  • Waterbeds and Trampolines are not allowed without owner approval in writing and a renter's insurance policy in place with a rider addressing the extra liability. Remarkable Property Management should be named in the policy as a protected entity.

What if I need to move before my lease is up?

  • If you move before your lease ends, you must provide proper written notice to vacate in accordance with your lease and you must continue to pay rent until the lease term expires. Failure to do so will result in reporting to the credit bureau, court appearances and a seizure of any monies you have in any banks. Abandonment may apply as stated in paragraph 16-B3 if you vacate without notice. No subletting allowed without written approval, certain fees apply.

What is the procedure for giving proper notice to move-out?

  • The minimum lease term is through the last day of the month under "Term" in paragraph 3. You must give at least 30 days WRITTEN notice from the first day of that month. For example, if your lease ends on April 30, you must provide written notice on or before April 1. If not, you must still abide by lease terms on a month-to-month basis. 
  • Once a proper written"30 day notice" has been given, you must allow access to the property manager/agents so home can be shown the last 30 days to rent the unit before you move. This is mandatory and you must remove any animals that may deter showing and leave keyless deadbolt unengaged or it may result in a trip charge according to the lease.
  • Upon vacating the unit, existing or added fixtures or ceiling fans must permanently remain on property.

What do I do if I need to move before the end of my lease?

  • There are options available. Contact our office to discuss these options to terminate your lease early without negative consequences.

What happens if only one roommate wants to move out?

  • Contact our office for the necessary forms to remove one roommate from the lease paperwork and/or have a new roommate added. Your property manager will discuss the lease re-write fee as well as the procedures for handling the security deposit. The addition, removal, or replacement of a roommate is at the discretion of the landlord.
  • Roommates are jointly and severally bound to the lease and all contents equally. Do not blame each other or Remarkable Property Management for the lease that you signed!

How and when do I get my security deposit back?

  • Under Texas law, the security deposit cannot be used for rent, not even the last month's rent. The purpose of the security deposit is to cover any damages caused by an occupant or occupant's visitor. It does not apply to "normal wear and tear". You must turn in the property keys to our office and provide a forwarding address. From the time keys are surrendered and the forwarding address is received, deposits are processed within 30 days.

Your WRITTEN LEASE supersedes any information that is provided within the FAQ and/or informational documents provided by Remarkable Property Management or its associates.